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How I Gained 23 Pounds of Lean Muscle in Just 90 Days! “I Told U So” By: Blake Mallen-Part #3/3

The Full Strategy 


• Protein: 1.8 grams of protein per pound of desired body weight, per day. So, if you wanted to weigh 200 pounds, you’d be eating: 200 x 1.8 = 360 grams per day. 

• Meals: 3 protein-focused meals per day. Try and eat clean, otherwise you may gain unwanted weight. I ate a few servings of Oatmeal in the morning mixed with 2 scoops of ViShake (really good!). For my other meals…chicken, chicken, chicken, and more chicken. Warning, you are going to be sick of chicken after this ☺. 

• ViSalus Fit Kit + ViPak: 2-3 Body by Vi Shakes per day. Typically in the morning, always right after a workout, and right before bed. Add a third scoop or blend in some egg whites if you are having a hard time getting in all your protein. Nutra Cookies for healthy protein snacks. Go/Pro when you need an energy boost. ViPak in the AM/PM. 

• Snacks: 2-3 Protein-focused snacks per day. I pretty much stuck to NutriCookies and nuts. 


Schedule: Weight/Resistance training focused on every large muscle group twice a week (Chest/Triceps, Back/Biceps, Legs). 

Occam’s Protocol: 1 Set, 5/0/5 Tempos, to Failure = ten seconds per rep. (Five seconds up, and 5 seconds down. Go slowwwwwww.) 

Process: Start with the largest muscles first, then circuit towards smaller muscles. 

Intensity: Weight must be heavy enough so that you reach muscle failure somewhere between 8 and 10 reps. 

Specific Exercises 

• Freemotion Squat: 185+ lbs. Reps to failure. • Prone Leg Curl: 70+ lbs. Reps to failure. • Lat Pulldown: 155+ lbs. Reps to failure. • Incline Bench Press: 75 lbs. Reps to failure. • Barbell Shoulder Press: 65 lbs. Reps to failure. • Bicep Curl: 55 lbs. Reps to failure. • Tricep Skull-Crushers: 55 lbs. Reps to failure. • Cable Reverse Flies: 20+ lbs. Reps to failure. 

Repeat from the top. Start with 1 set. Once conditioned, add a second (or even third) set of each circuit. However, building up to two sets are enough for most people. 

Note: Examples of each exercise can be found quite easily by using Google. 


Recovery, and especially sleep, are critical to muscle growth. Our bodies release most growth hormones during the first three hours of sleep. Do not over train. Stick to two workouts per week, and NO CARDIO, otherwise you will end up burning the muscle you are trying to build. Nutrient timing is important, but it becomes a non-issue if you are drinking ViShakes and eating as much protein as needed in a frequent fashion. 


Training to muscle FAILURE is the key to rapid muscle gain. You don’t train ’till you quit. You push ’till you can’t. Big difference. And, if you want to get big, you need to go big. 

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