Former US Soldier and Vi 1 Star Ambassador Lattoia Andrews Discusses Her Business and The Project 10 Challenge On The Simply G Radio Show

Simply G Media Network today announces the release of an interview, with Vislaus 1 Star Ambassador Lattoia Andrews, on The Simply G Radio Show with host Neil Haley, the Total Tutor.

Neil Haley, The Total Tutor host of the Simply G Radio show, interviewed ViSalus 1-Star Ambassador Lattoia Andrews to find out about her business and why she promotes the Project 10 Challenge.
Andrews is currently a Vi 1-Star Ambassador and she is a former member of the US Military and is now a full-time entrepreneur.
Andrews described how she joined the Project 10 Challenge. She was introduced to ViSalus through her fiancé while she was still in the US Army and struggled with her weight. Her finance Cornelius Massey was introduced to the Project 10 Challenge by Vi 3 Star Ambassador Jordan Delacruz. When she was introduced to the Project 10 Challenge it made sense, she said. She wanted to lose weight and also make some extra income. She described the tremendous growth of her business.
“In the first 15 days I lost 10 pounds, and my fiancee lost more than 10 pounds. I qualified for my BMW within first 16 days. I was driving a new BMW when I was in the US Army. It helped draw attention to me and people asked us what we were doing. On day 39 I hit Ambassador. We placed 30 people into BMW’s in the first 39 days. I have tons of stories and successes, both on the health side and the financial side. I have been with ViSalus for 16 months and I am no longer in the military. My whole journey has been a blast.”
In the interview, Andrews also said that when she first started she was turned off by the Challenge. She bought stuff from GNC and nothing worked. Then, she said, she tried ViSalus it and it worked. She immediately started her Project 10 Challenge and continues to have success being on the challenge.
According to Andrews, she is excited about going to Germany and believes the possibilities are unlimited. She was stationed overseas in Germany when she was in the military and sees this as an opportunity for her to contact old friends and continue to grow her global Vi business.
Andrews also described the great leaders in Visalus. “The launch of the new LID program with John C. Maxwell that Visalus created is fantastic. It has opened our eyes to leadership and leaders. 5 Star Ambassadors GJ and Alita Reynolds, as well as Jordan Delacruz, are able to teach us so much about different things on life. “
Andrews described what it means to work with GJ Reynolds. “GJ has to be one of the most humble leaders I have ever met. He is so understanding and he is very transparent. He is a great listener and great coach. I connect very well with GJ and Alita. GJ’s military background is very matter a fact. When he means business, we need to get it done.“
Alita Reynolds stated, “Working with Lattoia is a true pleasure. She is hungry to help a lot of people and she is doing this! I love her spirit and her work ethic.”
GJ Reynolds shared, Lattoia has been a blessing to work with. She is coachable, applies what she learns and she has a true heart to assist others to transform their life, health and prosperity. My wife Alita and I are very blessed to be working with Lattoia to grow a global business together.”