Vi 5 Star Ambassador & Vi Millioniare GJ Reynolds Discusses His John C. Maxwell Mentorship Session on the Simply G Radio Show, a Division of The Simply G Media Network

Simply G Media Network today announces the release of an interview with Vi 5 Star Ambassador & Vi Millioniare GJ Reynolds on Simply G Radio Show with host Neil Haley, the Total Tutor.

Neil Haley, the Total Tutor host of the Simply G Radio Show, interviewed Vi 5 Star Ambassador & Vi Millioniare GJ Reynolds to find out more important information he has learned from the training, how he will apply the information to his business and his team, and about the selection process of his people he will mentor through John C Maxwell’s program.
Reynolds is an original founding member in the company ViSalus and is now a 5 Star Ambassador, Vi Millionaire, and CEO of Simply G Media. He has written a book titled “The Playful and Powerful Warrior Within You!” and holds the distinction of completing the Dale Brown and Project 10 Challenges by working out for more than 1000 days straight (and counting). As a 53-year-young man he is now able to run speeds up to 20 mph. According to Klout, Reynolds ranks in the top 10 percent of social media in the world.
In this interview, Reynolds explained the mentor program he is participating in with John C. Maxwell. Reynolds said, “John C. Maxwell LID program develops leaders by elevating growth and production and then reproducing new leaders. We are creating a transformational movement of leadership, empowerment, and culture.”
Reynolds said he wants to create more transformations for his leaders and help them empower them, to continuing to create a powerful culture, and create a movement he is able to replicate over and over globally.”
Reynolds discussed one of Maxwell’s mottos, “the law in the mirror.” “You need to see value in yourself in order to add value to others. Everything you choose to have with people, you have to model your self. I am personally mentoring 25 people this year, picked through a specific selection process, and to assist them in raising their LID and going to the next level. I am excited about this. I am always looking for great people to work with and mentor and teaching them to go and do the same.”