I see many so called leaders say they care about their people, then decide to choose to do what is best for themselves and are being selfish.   They ALWAYS have a reason or more than likely an excuse.  Then attempt to convince their peeps they are being honorable, when in fact they quit on them.  I have seen many times so called leaders chasing the money.  Once a person is bought, they are bought.  True leaders never chase the money.  They go out and earn it and teach others to do the same.  They face the challenges and find a way through it.
If a leader says they lost their passion, this is a joke to me.  Passion is an intense feeling and emotion compelling enthusiasm or desire for something.  When you LEAD and help people, what more passion is able to be delivered?  What should be said, they (the so called leader) lost their will to lead.  They lost their compass and most likely have zero mission statement to guide them.
Leading is sometimes a lonely place.  When someone you lead rises up, the loneliness fades and the passion is delivered.  As a Leader, it requires tremendous discipline to control the influence & impact you have with other people’s lives. Be humble, be responsible and GO LEAD.