GJ Reynolds Entrepreneur Vi 5 Star Ambassador Discusses The First John C. Maxwell Mentorship Session on the Simply G Radio Show, a Division of The Simply G Media Network

Neil Haley, the Total Tutor host of the Simply G Radio Show, interviewed Entrepreneur and ViMillionaire GJ Reynolds to discuss what he learned from John C. Maxwell in Atlanta and how he will be mentored by Maxwell over the next year.

Reynolds is an original founding member in the company ViSalus and is now a 5 Star Ambassador, Vi Millionaire, and CEO of Simply G Media. He has written a book titled The Playful and Powerful Warrior Within You and holds the distinction of completing the Dale Brown Challenge by working out for more than 950 days straight (and counting).
Reynolds saw the unbelievable opportunity to be mentored by John C. MaxwellTo be a high performer, you have to surround yourself with the right people and other high performers. “John is considered number one when it comes to leadership.”, said Reynolds. Reynolds also mentioned how impressed he was by Maxwells six hours of instruction in Atlanta. I have never been in a room, training, or school where I took as many notes as in Atlanta. I took 44 pages of notes. Everything out of John’s mouth was a nugget. Great information and very applicable.
During the interview, Reynolds was able to share some important nuggets from the training. He said, One key nugget of information is to never do your business alone. You should have an accountability partner. John gave examples of people who isolated themselves and how it hurt their business in the long run. I am definitely doing it with somebody.
Reynolds also discussed another one of Maxwells teachings called The Five Es, which stand for environment, example, expectations, equipping, and emotional stability & capacity. GJ went on to share, My strength is emotional stability & capacity. My weakness has been equipping others effectively. I realized I am able to do a better job equipping people.
Reynolds also shared, There are five levels for equipping people: I do it; I do it you’re with me; I do it and I am with you; you go do it, I am watching; you do it, somebody else is with you. The majority of the people had emotional stability & capacity as their strength and equipping as their weakness. I found this very profound. Strong emotional people tend to just want to go and get it done. I realized I am able to be a better teacher.
Reynolds discussed on the radio show that Maxwell teaches the importance of intentionality and hunger. Here is what I choose to do it and having the hunger to go after it.