Simply G Media Network today announces the release of an interview with NBA Legend Sam Perkins with host Neil Haley, the Total Tutor.

Neil Haley, The Total Tutor host of the Total Celebrity Show, interviewed Sam Perkins to find how he prepared for life after basketball, to discuss his current projects and to learn about his charity work.
Perkins, who was a member of the 1984 gold-medal winning U.S. Men’s Olympic basketball team, was selected with the fourth pick of the 1984 NBA Draft by the Dallas Mavericks and played in the NBA for 17 seasons. In 2008, he was named vice president of player relations for the Indiana Pacers, a team for whom he played from 1999-2001. Perkins currently works with the NBA as a consultant.
In this interview, Perkins discussed the transition between playing in the NBA to life after basketball.
“The transition is kind of hard because you have been doing this your whole life,” said Perkins. “I played 17 years in the NBA. But I prepared while I was playing. I did a lot of commentating on Pacers radio. I was prepared to be a student of the game. You would like to learn the business. You want to read contracts, talk with players where they should be going. Once you stop, you have to ask yourself, What am I going to do next? If you like the NBA, you want to go back mentor players.”
While in Los Angeles, Perkins said, he learned about broadcasting. He said he attached himself with the local radio stations.
“When I got into L.A. it was the middle of my career, so I got involved with the radio stations. Once I was in Seattle I had a radio show with music. I had music show every Sunday in Seattle.”
Perkins explained that he learned the real ins and outs of the game off the court when he played in the NBA.
“I have been with four teams,” he said. “The PR team for each city taught me how to do appearances. They mentored me. They encouraged me to get involved with fundraisers and charities. I attached myself to Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and the Special Olympics.”
CEO of Simply G Media GJ Reynolds said, “Sam was a student of game. He learned the ins and outs of basketball and has applied them off the court successfully.”