Entrepreneur and ViMillioniare GJ Reynolds Discusses The Importance Of Having A Growth Environment On The Simply G Radio Show, a Division of The Simply G Media Network

Simply G Media Network today announces the release of an interview with Entrepreneur and ViMillioniare GJ Reynolds on Simply G Radio Show with host Neil Haley, the Total Tutor.

Neil Haley, the Total Tutor host of the Simply G Radio Show, interviewed Entrepreneur and ViMillioniare GJ Reynolds to find out about the importance of having a growth environment in business.
Reynolds is an original founding member in the company ViSalus and is now a 5 Star Ambassador, ViMillionaire, and CEO of Simply G Media. He has written the book titled, “The Playful and Powerful Warrior Within You!” and holds the distinction of completing the Dale Brown & Project 10 Challenges, by losing 40 pounds and working out for over 1000 days straight. He is also ranked globally in the top ten percent of people in social media.
GJ explained there are ten major keys in developing a growth environment. “John C Maxwell came up with these 10 points. The first point in a growth environment is a place where others are ahead of you.” Are you placing your people first and are you leading people? Are you helping your people in your organization to foster growth? I see a lot of people who tend to rest on there past successes and on what has happened before. I learned from John, either someone is being a player or pretender (historian). When they are focusing on being the historian they are failing to choose to move forward. When they are being the player, they are in the game and moving forward.”
Neil asked, “Are you a pretender, or are you a player? Is anyone ahead of you? Is there someone ahead of you to help stimulate growth, so you are able to move into the growth place? Do you have the ability to elevate yourself? John C Maxwell wants us to ask these questions.”
The next point GJ described on the show is, “Is this a place where you are continuing to be challenged? Every challenge is a learning experience. When I am waking up I am gulping with excitement. Are you gulping or are you yawning? If I am yawning, then, I am failing to be challenged. If you are yawning, what is going to challenge you to start gulping with excitement?
GJ continued to provide info for creating a successful growth environment. “The third point is placing your focus forward. The past is done. We are able to learn from the past. However we have to live right now. Where there is forward focus, there is growth. What is your intention? What is your forward focus? When one answers these questions, this is where positive things start to flow.”
GJ Reynolds has been able to add these key components into his business and is having great success in doing so. GJ shared, “This is all very fundamental and when applied correctly and with the right intention, it all starts to yield positive results.”
GJ described the fourth point, “Is the Atmosphere affirming? When the atmosphere is affirming, this creates a positive atmosphere”
The fifth point we discussed on the Simply G Radio Show, “Are you working in your gift zone and at a place of being out of your comfort zone? GJ provided important things to consider. “Are you doing tasks in your gift zone? What are your strengths? You need to be a little uncomfortable to improve your business. I learned to accept this in my entrepreneurial endeavors and have learned it is okay to feel uncomfortable. It is ok to have some feelings of fear and uncertainty. We need to make sure we are in our gift zones.”