Monday, January 21, 2013

Conscious Language: The Power of Thoughts-Part #4

Seven Keys to Transforming Your Thoughts

Since your thoughts shape your reality, start focusing on thoughts that feel good and perpetuate success and happiness in your life. Below are seven keys to transforming your thoughts for what you choose to have.

1. Be aware – Before you are able to influence your thoughts, you must become aware of them. How else do you know there is a disempowering thought lurking in your mind? Your emotions serve as signals to catch your attention. These feelings may be subtle or extreme.

A feeling that something is off creates discomfort, anxiety, or a mild sense of resistance or depression and is worth paying attention to. Some reactions are blatant and obvious, serving as giant clues the mind has attached to a thought. Become a detective and identify the thought or thoughts that are associated with the feeling. Awareness is the first key. You are able to shift what you are aware of.

2. Determine it is true in reality – So often, the thoughts that drive your feelings have zero basis in reality because they are untrue. You become attached to thoughts that are simply fantasy. When an event happens, your mind instantaneously attaches a meaning (meaning is a synonym for thought) to the occurrence. It is important to recognize the myriad ways that you may distort reality.

You exaggerate or minimize it. You deny it. You think it should be different than it is. You defend it. You argue with it. You forecast it. Each of these results in creating chaos, stress, or anxiety in your life. Separating the facts of what happened from the meaning or interpretation is one way to connect to your true and actual reality.

3. Identify the impact – Oftentimes, a thought you investigate appears to be factual or true; however, the resulting feeling is one of stress, anxiety, or sadness. When a thought is true and you find that the result is different than what you choose to have, identify the impact. Analyze the impact and identify what you choose to change to receive the result you choose to have. When you continue to attach to this thought, how will it make you feel? How will you treat others? How will you live your life if you constantly focus on this thought?

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