Thursday, January 10, 2013

Conscious Language: The Power of Your Thoughts-Part #2

Steady, persevering thoughts set up a definite habit of the mind, and that habit manifests itself as a quality in the character. The thread of thought is woven into mental and moral qualities. These qualities in their totality form your character. You are able to build your character as surely as a mason is able to build a wall. The first step towards a deliberate creation of character lies then in the deliberate choosing of what you will think and then of thinking persistently on the quality chosen.

Thought is a vital living force. Thought is the most vital, subtle, and powerful force that exists in the universe. Every change in thought is accompanied by a vibration of its mental matter. Every thought creates a biochemical response in your body. These reactions vary from negligible to intense. Science has known this for some time. When you think about food, your saliva glands may be stimulated. When you think of the person that irritates you most, your body constricts and tenses up. When you reflect upon your most fulfilling moments, endorphins are released in your body and you feel more relaxed and at peace. Every memory, whether positive or negative, elicits an internal physical response. With every thought, there is a biochemical response in your body.

Thought is a living force.

The impact of a thought on your nervous system ranges in intensity according to the level of emotion associated with your thought. For example, reflecting on the death of a loved one creates a much deeper emotional response than remembering to buy food or noticing that you stepped on an insect. The more intense the emotion, the greater the impact the thought has on the physical body.

The quickest way to evaluate this for yourself is to choose to notice the emotions you experience repeatedly. These are the emotions your body has grown accustomed to experiencing and unconsciously works to elicit.

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