Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Seven Keys to Transforming Your Thoughts-#6-7

Excerpt from: The Playful and Powerful WARRIOR within YOU!

6. Redirect focus – Animals focus on whatever you place in front of them. The mind works very much the same way and becomes the focus of its reality. When caught up in addictive thoughts, consciously redirect your focus on something more positive or neutral. If your spouse is running late, embrace the beauty in your environment. When you find yourself frustrated in traffic, focus on your breathing, the music in the car, or the opportunity to relax and slow down. Your thought is a powerful means of redirecting your focus. Consider shifting your internal dialog. Choose words that will empower you over words that deplete your energy.

7. Replace it – Eliminate and replace all negative thoughts with something more empowering. Consciously choosing the opposite of the original thought and replacing it with a positive thought is a simple solution.

Be wise and be conscious with your thoughts.

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