Monday, January 21, 2013

Conscious Language: The Power of Thoughts-Part #3

Anger, stress, anxiety, fear, depression, sadness, frustration, guilt, and worry may be a few of the emotional thought patterns to investigate more closely. Behind every emotion is a thought or set of thoughts. If stress is a common pattern in your life, you may have thoughts such as, “This must be accomplished before I am able to relax.” “I have too much to do.” “I can’t get it all done.” If depression is something you experience, something as basic as “I feel depressed” may be the thought feeding the emotion. You may have one or multiple thoughts feeding this pattern.

When you have a fearful image in your mind, that image can seem so powerful that your body may physically react in a fearful way. You may break out in a sweat or begin to tremble. Your heart rate may also rise, along with your blood pressure. Your body is unable to decipher the difference between an image held in your mind and an actual event. The pictures you maintain in your mind and project outward, then become your reality.

Your dominant thoughts and self-concepts are expressed verbally in language and become the “videos” you play in your head. These videos begin running as soon as you are faced with a critical situation. These thoughts will be played back to you and determine whether you act in a positive or negative manner. Whether it is a goal, dream, or aspiration, a project or an idea, your health or your body, a solution to a challenge or a brand new endeavor, a clear and vivid image will form in your mind and use conscious language to speed you toward it. The more crystallized your instructions to your subconscious mind and the universe, the faster the universe will help you bring your plan into reality.

You may also experience a variety of positive or empowering emotions. Joy, happiness, peace, excitement, pleasure, and playfulness are a few. Investigating the thoughts associated with empowering emotions is useful because you are able to learn to strengthen and intensify these. These will provide more fulfillment and connection. How conscious are you of the thoughts and emotional patterns that are running your life? What thoughts and emotions are you constantly creating for yourself?

Warriors understand that thought is the first step toward action.

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