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There is a psychological as well as an economic reason for the selection of a definite purpose or aim in life. Any definite purpose or aim that is deliberately fixed in the mind and held there, with the determination to realize it, finally saturates the entire subconscious mind until it automatically influences the physical action of the body toward the attainment of that purpose.

When you have a goal, dream, or aspiration and a definite purpose or aim in life, be clear about what it will require to accomplish it. Once selected, have it written out and placed where you will see it daily. The psychological effect of this is to impress this purpose upon your subconscious mind so strongly that it accepts the purpose as a pattern or blueprint that will eventually dominate your activities in life and lead you, step by step, toward the attainment.

Every great Warrior, from the dawn of civilization to the present, was a dreamer. All Warriors have the vision and the imagination to see realities in their mental and spiritual form before they are transmuted into physical form. All great Warriors begin with a dream of something wonderful and different from where they were when they first had the dream or aspiration.

Imagine being able to achieve, be, have, or do whatever you choose in life. Just for the moment, imagine you have all the time, resources, money, education, experience, friends, contacts, and everything else you need to achieve anything you desire in life. When your potential is completely unlimited, what kind of a life would you choose to create for yourself?

You may as well know, right here, that for you to have what you desire, you must create a white heat of desire for it and actually believe you will possess it. What this means is that when you have a desire, the energy is sent out into the universe, and your consciousness makes this work. The energy is God, and God is our collective consciousness. God, our creator, loves us in such a way as to give us abundance and to feel immense joy at our receiving these gifts and joy when we give abundantly to each other. It is through immense faith and belief, fueled with the power of our minds and emotions, that the law works in our lives.

This is an Excerpt from GJ Reynolds' Book: The Playful and Powerful WARRIOR within YOU! (Ch. 16 pg #151-152)

Article by: GJ Reynolds

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GJ Reynolds also known as “G” is a Passionate, Playful & Powerful Warrior Entrepreneur, Author, and Life Transformer. He is also a Visalus Founding Promoter, Ambassador, Co-Founder of the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge, business developer, coach, mentor, trainer, public speaker and radio host. He teaches others how to have fun reclaiming their Life, Health & Prosperity! G is driven to assist others to reach their full potential and having their magnificence to shine. He loves to teach and work with like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals who choose to reclaim their personal power and transform their life, health and prosperity. He lives a life of purpose, on purpose and for purpose. He enjoys the process of his personal, spiritual, and professional journey, while assisting others to do the same. G is at his best when he is learning, teaching, inspiring, creating, organizing, and leading the way! He also enjoys communicating with others that are of like mind and is on a mission to assist millions of people to transform their lives! Need a little help?

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