Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Live In The Now-Addictions

My closest friends, family, and associates admired and loved how I was great at accomplishing what I set out to do. The challenge for my friends, family, and associates was that they disliked the intensity I would have in these moments. By all of my doing, I actually was hurting many of my closest relationships. Initially this plan of delayed gratification seemed sensible and intelligent to me. I thought I had to choose sacrifices of delayed gratification while I was young to create a better future for myself.

My intellect liked the way I operated, and my intuition kept fighting it. I experienced a major head-versus-soul battle as I pondered the issue of sacrificing freedom in the present to achieve greater freedom in the future. I figured it was just a matter of discipline and self-sacrifice and that, in the long run, all my efforts would pay off.

In many cases during my life, all of this delayed gratification and hard work did, in fact, have a payoff for me. Unfortunately, inside I was paying a price. The more success I had, the more unfulfilled I was. I loved the sense of accomplishment and the fulfillment. I had chosen to overlook the fact that all of this accomplishment was a temporary fulfillment. It was like a drug, and each time, I had to go for more and do it faster. There was a significant amount of joy simply in the chase.

I was addicted to more accomplishment. Then I realized I was an addict. Yes, an addict. You may ask how that could be. Well, the truth is, I was.

Let’s discuss what addiction is. Addiction is the giving away of yourself. Anytime you give a piece of yourself away, it is a form of addiction. I was giving away many parts of myself, and I was also clearly giving away my present moment for the future, which was clearly an illusion.

My addiction also created another issue for me—fear. I was so afraid of failing or falling back or miss accomplishing what I set out to do that it created even more intensity and detachment from myself. The fear of failing to achieve or win was greater than my sense of accomplishment.

Excerpt From GJ Reynolds' Book: The Playful and Powerful WARRIOR within YOU! (Ch. 17 Pg# 159-160)

Article By: GJ Reynolds

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